Friday, May 20, 2011

127 hours

An another CASTAWAY.. Unforgettable tragic trekking journey..

Well.. i can remember a say from watching this movie..

"When we are alone, we will realise the real love.."

As the inspiration of true incident, James franco played the role of the real survivor Aron Ralston.. He didn't just play but lived as aron.. Tremendous performance.. How one could cross 5days without having an answer of his life which is trapped under a rock..? How human mentality works when its not sure of live or dead of the next moment..? How can a human will take a least chance of losing something to win his life from dead..? u can get every answer in 1hr30mins.. Drinking an half litre of water for 3days, eating the eye lens to avoid starving temporarily, stabbing own hand and sucking blood for thirstiness, making his own video record before taking each and evry attempt to survive, last but the least, unwasting own urine and drinking bcos of uncontrollable thirst.. Each and evry steps says that human will do any damn thing to make alive of their own whn nothing remained in hand.. So what is actually the only way to survive..? i'm damn sure that evry1 who watch the particularscene cud feel the real pain of aron..

Then about the music scores.. Rahman ji.. Hats off.. u r at ur best from the very beginning to the end of the movie.. Either sound and in the silence, only u can give the real soul of evry situations.. Especially in the end, whn Aron survives and gets help of the other treckers and the arriving of helicopter to rescue him, mindblowing background scores which makes us to feel the relief as if we kicked out the death at last.. [Hey, a challenge for u. if u r a real admirer of rahman's music, u can find a sinking of our indian movie song in a sequence of background wil be just for 10secs.. guess it.. :) ]

Danny boyle, the maker who gives his best to express the strength of human spirit. A pointable masterpiece in his filmography.. His stylish screenplay wit the natural performance of James franco , and undeniable scores of Rahman takes the movie to a height..

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